Regional Calls for Entry

Printed and Stitched

California Society of Printmakers (CSP) and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) are working together to examine the overlap between the hand pulled print, and the art quilt. This is a call for new work exploring work that is both printed and stitched.

Printed imagery, and sewn fibers, are a seemingly ancient combination. At their confluence, there is pigment and pressure, woven layers, and borders sewn with fiber. There is color as well as texture, form, intention, ingenuity, and many stories. Textile and print go hand in hand, and the combinations are constantly being reinvented. We invite you to create new work using both techniques for this exhibition.

Participation is open to members of SAQA’s Northern and Southern California/Nevada Regions as well as members of the California Society of Printmakers.

Submissions open on Nov 14, 2022 with a deadline of Dec 16, 2022.

For more information, the complete Call for Entry can be found on

Christine Shannon Aaron will jury the exhibition. Printed & Stitched will tour under
the auspices of Exhibit Envoy through July of 2027.