Printed and Stitched

Fifty eight pieces have been selected for Printed & Stitched, a joint exhibition of the work by members of the California Society of Printmakers and Studio Art Quilt Associates, Northern and Southern California/Nevada Regions. The exhibition will open at Art Ark in San Jose on May 20, 2023. An artist reception at Art Ark is planned for June 2 to coincide with First Friday in San Jose. Closing date for the show at Art Ark is June 16th. The show will travel to other venues until July 2027.

California Society of Printmakers and Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) worked together to create an exhibit examining the overlap between the hand pulled print, and the art quilt. This call was for new work that is both printed and stitched.

Printed imagery, and sewn fibers, are a seemingly ancient combination. At their confluence, there is pigment and pressure, woven layers, and borders sewn with fiber. There is color as well as texture, form, intention, ingenuity, and many stories. Textile and print go hand in hand, and the combinations are constantly being reinvented. We invite you to create new work using both techniques for this exhibition.

Christine Shannon Aaron juried the exhibition creating an impressive show including work from 58 artists nearly evenly split between SAQA and CSP members.

Here is a list of the artists whose work will be in the show:

ArtistTitle of Accepted Work
Nancy Bardach Ukraine in the Crosshairs
Mel Beach Keep on the Sunny Side
Holly Brackmann Flowing
Noah Breuer Tatra Tassel
Donna W Brown Forest Refuge
Judith Content Vortex Suite (Ragmuffin Series)
Linda S Craighead Turkish Delight
Cathie A Crawford Once Upon A Glacier
Elizabeth Dallas Rage Keeps Her Busy
Kathryn Davy It’s Time to Go Outside
Kate Deak Embedded
Adriane Dedic Beckoning Figure 2
Robin A Dintiman Quaking Legs with Pink Goathead
Rozanne Hermelyn Di SilvestroUnravelled
Giny Dixon Storyline
Ewa Gavrielov Holes
Mimi Ghauri-Young Valley Oak
Alisa Golden Redacted
Lynn Hall The Mountain in Late Summer
Kevin C Harris And Our Shadow Breathes the Day
Susan Leone Howe Where the Wild Grasses Bloom
Karen Gallagher Iverson Veiled 3
Ann Johnston Wave 17
Susan Gibson Kelly Doodle
Barbara D Kibbe Nine Patch
Evelyn Klein Prism Play
Franki L Kohler Eucalyptus
Danguole Rita KuolasDisturbance
Carol Larson Keeping Up Appearances 2
Dixie T Laws Layered Snake Plant
Linda Lieberman Past Progressions
Zwia Lipkin 145 Jaffa St
Viviana Lombrozo Codex
Kent Manske Entropic Awareness
Denise Oyama Miller Outcropping
Kristina Nobleman Subtext 1
Janis O’Driscoll Underwater Glissade
Kathleen Oliver Inspiration Garden
Caitlin Parker Night Window
AV Pike Spiral Galaxy
Barbara Poole Intertwining Branches
Deborah Rantz Farm Wife
Priscilla Read Swirling Suns 2
Ashley Rodriguez Reed The Flow
Connie Rohman Homage to Bach
Luz Marina Ruiz Senderos (Pathways)
Edda Valborg Sigurdardottir Iceland Mountainscapes
Ileana Soto Warrior
Robynn Smith Strata
Karen Sunday Spencer Season of the Witch
Bethia G StoneLooking Beyond the Rain
Jami Taback We Were Here Book 2
Jerry D Theobald Print Tools
Rosanna Lynne Welter Le Reve Vert
Lori Wisheropp Tree Crosscut #3 Round
Carla Wolf First Frost
Nanette Wylde Minding the Footprints
Linda Yoshizawa Behind the Seams 1