Member Events

Art in the Garden – Kathi Battles

Kathi Battles has an Open Studio Event with 3 other artists this Sunday Dec 4 from 10 am to 4 pm in Morro Bay.

Craft Napa 2023 Classes with Libby Williamson

Libby will be teaching 4 classes at the Virtual event’ Craft Napa 2023 Uncorked at Home ‘. 
Classes will be held via zoom on Jan 12-15. 
Some classes are filled but there are still spots. 
Check it out for a fun way to kick- start the new year at

News from Ann Johnson

These eight streaming video lessons take you to the next level, beyond her book, Color by Design: Paint and Print with Dye. Each runs from 35-67 minutes and includes a Lesson Overview, multiple handouts, and gallery images. They are designed to work for you wherever you are, and once you sign in, your access to course content does not expire. Beyond the Book: Paint & Print with Dye

10 % discount using SAQACN10 code with purchase, exp April 30, 2023

Ann’s remodeled website also has new links, including a page listing “Design and Dye Resources” with free videos, articles, and handouts for you to use and share.  You will can see her zoom session made last year for Oregon SAQA Answers: Dyeing with Procions, here, divided into 4 shorter parts.

Find Ann on Instagram @annjohnstonquilts. If you have any questions or suggestions, email Ann at


Let members know about your upcoming events!

Regional members of SAQA or SAQA members with events happening in our region are welcome to share future activities on the website.  Let us know about other events featuring you and your work. We want to know about an a class you’re teaching, a retreat, magazine article or book, open studio, etc.  If you are part of a quilt exhibition or activity outside of SAQA please use the contact form to send a message about your event and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

 In order for this information to be the most effective in attracting members to your event, please follow these guidelines: 

  • We need a lead time of at least one week. 
  • Once you get an email reply, please send in 1 -3 photos in the following format: .jpg of at least 72 ppi. We find postings without a graphic are not as effective.
  • Be sure dates, time, city and street address are included. 
  • We may edit material to fit the space available.  We are not able to reproduce a lengthy Press release. We reserve discretion about what we publish.